Silk Quilts in Australia

Silk Filled Quilt and Bed Set

Silk Quilts in Australia Silk quilts and silk bedding have always been considered a luxury item. My Heavenly Silks sell the highest quality silks quilts in Australia. Whether you’re in the north of Queensland or the southern parts of Tasmania, My Heavily Silks will ship to you. With natural silk quilts you really are experiencing […]

Hypoallergenic Pillows

Silk Pillow or Hypoallergenic Pillows

Hypoallergenic Pillows? Silk Pillows are a Great Choice Many people are discovering hypoallergenic nature of choosing silk bedding. Whether it’s silk pillow cases, silk covers, silk quilts and silk bedding offers benefits compared to feather or synthetics. Allergies are Causes by What? Many factors can cause allergies to flare up with traditional types of bedding. […]

Duvet Cover Sets & Doona Cover Sets

Foral Bed Sheets

What is a Duvet? It’s from the French word ‘dyve’ meaning down. It’s a type of bedding which consists of soft flat bags filled with either down, feathers, wool synthetic alternatives and silk. In our case these soft bags are filled with silk. It is normally protected removable cover similar to bed sheeting. Most people […]

Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet

King Sized Silk Filled Quilts

Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet At My Heavenly Silks all our Silk Filled Duvets come from 100% Mulberry Silk but what is Mulberry Silk? What is Mulberry silk? It’s the highest quality silk is available for purchase. The way in which it is produced is the most unique thing about Mulberry silk. It has its history […]