Quilt Cover & Quilt Cover Sets

Foral Bed Sheets

Quilt Cover, Quilt Cover Sets, Doona Covers & Duvet Cover Sets? In England it is commonly called a continental quilt or quilt. In Australia it is also referred to as a Doona. The term Comforter comes from the Americans. They are really the same thing but depending on your location or where you are from […]

What is Mulberry Silk

What is Silk and Silk Worms

What is Mulberry Silk? It’s the highest quality silk is available for purchase. The way in which it is produced is the most unique thing about Marlborough silk. It has its history in China, the local farmers have grown mulberry leaves for centuries. These leaves are what the silkworms feed on resulting in their cocoons […]

Allergy Free Bedding? Silk is a Great Choice

Allergy Free Bedding? Silk is a Great Choice Many people are discovering hypoallergenic nature of choosing silk bedding. Whether it’s silk pillow cases, silk covers, silk quilts and silk bedding offers benefits compared to feather or synthetics. Allergies are Causes by What? Many factors can cause allergies to flare up with traditional types of bedding. […]

Silk or Cotton, What Right for You?

Silk or Cotton, What Right for You? Silk or Cotton Bedding? Choosing Between Them The material of bedding is enormously important. There are many factors that can impact on this chose. Sometimes we need to keep these in their mind when choosing silk bedding or cotton bedding. Factors to consider when choosing between silk or […]