Benefits of Silk Bedding

  • Pure silk feels gorgeous against our skin; it is lustrous, elegant, smooth, noble and soft.
  • Silk is a natural product, whereas a lot of sleepwear is made of synthetic materials. Amazingly our bodies respond better to silk, it feels more natural against our skin and allows us to feel more relaxed and therefore get a better night’s sleep.
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The Benefits of Sleeping on Silk

  • Hypo-allergenic –perfect for those with allergies.
  • Silk allows your skin to glide as opposed to cotton which scratches the skin.
  • Silk has the same Ph as your skin.
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Silk Linen Care

It is a fact that good silk linen will outlast cotton and synthetic bed linen when properly cared for. The most common mistake made in caring for silk linen is incorrect cleaning techniques. Silk linen needs to be washed in warm not hot water and a silk detergent should be used.

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