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Silk Filled Quilts

Our silk quilts are filled with 100% silk fibre. Your silk quilt’s externals are fixated to the silk filling so the silk fibre won’t move around inside the cotton shell, this ensures a comfortable all night’s sleep.

Our quilts are lightweight allowing comfort and warmth in all conditions. Its light weight nature allows for the usage by itself or layered in combination with existing bedding.

Repels Mite and Mould

Another quality of silk is it’s ability to repel mites, bed-bugs and mould. Silk is naturally light and soft yet it’s fibres compare to steel in tensile strength. This allows for the fabric to last for a long time when properly cared for. It requires much less frequent laundering due to the fact that there is less bacteria build up because you don’t tend to sweat under silk.

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Silk Filled Quilts

King Size Summer Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

King Sized Silk Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

Queen Sized Silk Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

Queen Sized Summer Silk Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

Single Sized Silk Quilt