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Silk Filled Quilts

Our silk quilts are filled with 100% organic mulberry silk floss. Your silk quilt’s externals are fixated to the silk filling so the silk floss won’t move around inside the cotton shell, this ensures a comfortable all night’s sleep.

Our quilts are lightweight allowing comfort and warmth in all conditions. Its light weight nature allows for the usage by itself or layered in combination with existing bedding.

Silk Hypo-allergenic?

Silk is all natural and hypo-allergenic which makes it suitable for people with allergies to down and feathers, or who just want to know that they are having the healthiest sleep possible. The skin is the body’s largest organ so whatever is directly touching our skin is of upmost importance.

The smooth texture of silk means less lines, creases and crinkles when you wake up. Silk is so gentle that it will not pull hairs out from your head at night when you sleep. It also helps to retain moisture of your hair and can assist in keeping the shape of an up-do or blow-dry for longer. Many hairdressers recommend silk pillowcases to their clients.

Repels Mite and Mould

Another quality of silk is it ability to repel mites, bed-bugs and mould. Silk is a wonderful mix of lightweight and soft yet it is comparable to steel in tensile strength. Allowing for the fabric to last for a long time when properly cared for. It also less frequent laundering than other fabrics because of it’s repellent nature.

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Silk Filled Quilts

King Size Summer Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

King Sized Silk Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

Queen Sized Silk Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

Queen Sized Summer Silk Quilt


Silk Filled Quilts

Single Sized Silk Quilt