Silk Quilts in Australia

Silk Filled Quilt and Bed Set

Silk Quilts in Australia

Silk quilts and silk bedding have always been considered a luxury item. My Heavenly Silks sell the highest quality silks quilts in Australia. Whether you’re in the north of Queensland or the southern parts of Tasmania, My Heavily Silks will ship to you.

With natural silk quilts you really are experiencing the ultimate in luxury and comfort that no synthetic fibre can provide. Our doonas provide the ultimate in sleep comfort as they are filled with 100% Grade A Mulberry Quality silks. We have spent many years looking for and researching the quality silks to use in the silk quilts we provide to Australians.

Our range of silk quilts are designed to provide year-round warmth and comfort for Australian conditions. They are great for normal summer nights and the cooler nights of the southern parts of Australia.

Quality Silk Quilts in Australia

But what’s Silk and why is silk so good? Silk quilts are extra soft, light and warm. They are also renowned for their warmth in winter and cool in summer features. They are breathable and are like having your own free thermostat. It is a natural hypoallergenic and is resistant to dust mites making it very protective to sensitive skin.

Silk is gathered from silkworms which are fed on natural and pesticide free Mulbery leaves. Because the silkworms only feed on these leaves, resulting silk is some of the finest around. White in colour and made up of individually long fibres, this silk is more refined than other types of silk.

Another benefit of Mulberry silk it is is that it is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. It contains natural protein called sercine which helps reduce the possibility of allergic reaction. This allows all the silk bedding to be a safe and healthy choice for those who suffer with allergies.

The composition of silk is 97% protein which is common with the human body. Silk filaments have around 35% to 40% of space in its structure which can keep air and moisture. In hot weather silk absorbs and transfers the extra heat and moisture thus keeping a more comfortable sleeping environment. In cooler weather because of the air and the silk filaments, the silk quilt is an insulator keeping the hot air inside with no loss.

Due to silk being natural and having breathable characteristics, silk filled quilts are more flexible than other synthetic filled quilts. Unlike down, feathers or polyester silk quilts cope better with changes in your sleeping environment such as ambient room temperatures or your own body temperature.

Other ailments the Japanese and Chinese have enjoyed silk bedding for many centuries. The Chinese and Japanese believe the amino acids present in silk benefit the skin. They believe this helps prevent vascular sclerosis, helps relieve itchy skin, assist in preventing arthritis & asthma.

Quality of Our Silk Quilts

Our handmade silks contain 100% Mulberry silk. It is the top grade quality in the silk quilt market. The most exquisite silk quilts in Australia are made from long and unbroken Mulberry silk which is stretched and hand layered into a criss-cross pattern.

Inferior silks give off a slight chemical smell, which become stronger in more humid and warmer conditions.

Silk Quilt In Australia & Quilt Cover Sets

Here at My Heavenly Silks we have a large variety of Quilt Cover and Quilt Cover Sets. These come in a large variety of colours and designs to match your decor. These cover sets for your Quilt of the highest quality and sizes.

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