Silk Care

It is a fact that good silk bedding will outlast cotton and synthetic bedding when properly cared for.
The most common mistake made in caring for silk pillow cases is incorrect cleaning techniques. Silk needs to be washed in cold not hot water and a silk detergent should be used.

Our Silk pillow cases have a very high thread count and as a result are susceptible to pulling when washed. To ensure this doesn’t happen when washing your silk in a washing machine, protect it by placing it inside a laundry bag.

Silk Quilt Care

There are so many advantages of silk quilts. One major advantage is how easy silk quilts are to care for. Silk filled quilts, because of the nature of silk do not harbour dust mites and therefore are naturally healthier than conventionally filled quilts.

Because silk quilts allow for far better heat regulation than down or polyester quilts there is very little sweat produced throughout the night. Sweat is a major contributor to bacteria in the bedroom. Less sweat means less bacteria and less cleaning.

Silk filled quilts simply require less cleaning than conventional quilts. In fact all the cleaning they really need is to be aired every few months on the line or balcony, always in the shade. This rejuvenates the silk inside the quilt and dries out any moisture that many be retained by the silk.We recommend placing your silk quilt in a quilt cover to protect it from spillage etc.

If the duvet or quilt is stained by accidental spillage then attempt to treat only the stained section by using a specialised silk treatment or Woolmix.Only wash your quilt if spot cleaning has not removed the stain.It should be a last resort.

  • Do not wash in a top load machine.
  • Wash on a delicate cycle with warm or cold water.
  • Never wash your quilt in hot water.
  • Lay the quilt flat to dry in a shaded position.
  • Never hang a wet quilt to dry.
  • Silk quilts can also be dry cleaned but if the above precautions are undertaken this will not be necessary.