Allergy Free Bedding? Silk is a Great Choice

Allergy Free Bedding? Silk is a Great Choice

Allergy Free Bedding? Silk is a Great Choice

Many people are discovering hypoallergenic nature of choosing silk bedding. Whether it’s silk pillow cases, silk covers, silk quilts and silk bedding offers benefits compared to feather or synthetics.

Allergies are Causes by What?
Many factors can cause allergies to flare up with traditional types of bedding. Most common forms irritants are:

  1. Dust mites
  2. Fungus
  3. Chemicals
  4. Mold
  5. Deterioration

Suffering from allergies or dust related allergies such as asthma silk could be the first choice for you. Silk’s hypoallergenic qualities prevents dust from accumulating. Silk has a natural defense mechanism against all of these irritants and pollutants.

What Makes Silk Allergy Free Bedding?

When silk is produced by the silkworm, its simple and durable structure helps make it hypoallergenic. The silkworm uses a cocoon to protect itself during its transformation. The cocoon is made up of a single continuous strand of fiber, which is held in place with a sticky substance called sericin. While the worm is inside of the cocoon, the sericin protects the worm from various natural threats.

These same qualities are transferred to silk bedding when silk is processed. This manufacturing process typically includes only water, heat, and steam. Most importantly, no harmful chemicals are used in the processing of silk.

Silk Bedding Great for Skin?

Silk contains amino acids which helps the skin reabsorb moisture and calm dryness, which can help sooth eczema conditions or dry skin. Also silk bedding is all natural, it offers people with skin conditions like shingles and eczema numerous benefits. Silk bedding is light and moves delicately over your skin, which reduces the points of contact and can help reduce further irritate associated with shingles.

Silk bedding is a great choice for those sensitive to the allergens compared traditional bedding products.

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