Modern Quilts and Silk Quilts

Modern Quilts and Silk Quilts

Modern Quilts and Silk Quilts

Bedding has gone through the evolution process just like mankind. If you know about the history of bedding you might already have an idea of how drastically the nature of bedding has changed in the last century. The modern quilt is a part of the bedding evolution process.

You might have come across these types of quilts while you were going through articles about recent trends in bedding on the internet. Recently, there has been much interest about the health impact of some types of bedding. A modern quilt is a quilt that includes all or some of these new trends in bedding.

The colours that people use to prefer on quilt covers have changed quite a lot during the recent times. Many people use to prefer quilt covers of a single colour earlier. A modern quilt on the other hand, might have the most unusual patterns and colour combinations that you can imagine. Do you want to improve the appearance of your bedroom? Then instead of going for a bedroom renovation, try to get a modern quilt that suits your bedroom. You might be very surprised after you observe the difference.

Bedding is no longer only about comfort and warmth. Appearance is also quite important. However, everyone won’t agree about the importance of appearance. If you do agree, then maybe you should go get a new modern quilt cover. Just because it is modern it doesn’t have to be expensive.

What are modern quilts?

Don’t think of a modern quilt just in terms of an eye-catching piece of bedding. It’s much more than that. Such a quilt can create a completely different atmosphere in your bedroom. If you think that your bedroom looks a bit too gloomy, you can get a quilt that will create a tranquil atmosphere. Anyone with a good eye for colour won’t find this to be a hard task.

If you want to upgrade the appearance of your bedroom, get what you can afford. If you think a modern quilt set is too much of a strain on your finances, you have the option of buying the covers.

There are so many new trends in bedding. You can detect a certain Asian influence in some trends. Some of these trends involve wide use of colours like brown, light green and off-white. A modern quilt is not just about new colour combinations either. The emphasis on the type of material used in the creation of quilts has also changed. For example, you might have seen many such new products that are advertised as organic’s

Trying to stick to the newest trend might not be a very good idea all the time. You may have noticed that a modern quilt at a friend’s place looks completely alien in his/her bedroom. You should only follow the trends that suit you.

Benefits of Mulberry Silk in Silk Quilts

Another benefit of Mulberry silk it is is that it is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. It contains natural protein called sercine which helps reduce the possibility of allergic reaction. This allows all the silk bedding to be a safe and healthy choice for those who suffer with allergies.

Our silk quilts are filled with 100% silk and we never feel our duvets with anything else but hundreds and Mulberry silk.

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