Silk or Cotton, What Right for You?

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Silk or Cotton, What Right for You?

Silk or Cotton Bedding? Choosing Between Them

The material of bedding is enormously important. There are many factors that can impact on this chose. Sometimes we need to keep these in their mind when choosing silk bedding or cotton bedding.
Factors to consider when choosing between silk or cotton bedding:


Silk is a hypoallergenic material, because it is highly resistant to dust mites and deterioration. It is excellent at drawing the moisture away preventing bacteria’s growth. Conversely cotton is a great place for bacteria to grow as the fiber absorbs this moisture.


Whilst silk is luxurious and seemingly delicate material. Silk has outstanding strength and is resistant to a number of factors responsible for causing deterioration. These characteristics ensure silk bedding can last longer compared to cotton with minimal maintenance, making it one of the most convenient bedding choices. It also less frequently washing and stays fresh longer compared to cotton bedding.


The up front cost of silk bedding is more than cotton bedding. Silk bedding tends to be replaced less frequently then cotton. In the end providing more value due to be being replaced less compared to cotton.

Temperature Regulation

Regulating temperature is a key thing to consideration when deciding between cotton and silk bedding. Generally speaking, silk provides better insulation. This means your keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer no matter your local climate.