Duvet Cover Sets & Doona Cover Sets

What is a Duvet?

It’s from the French word ‘dyve’ meaning down. It’s a type of bedding which consists of soft flat bags filled with either down, feathers, wool synthetic alternatives and silk. In our case these soft bags are filled with silk. It is normally protected removable cover similar to bed sheeting. Most people use duvets without a top bed sheet as a duvet cover is normally regularly washed.

Then What’s a Doona or Quilt?

In England it is commonly called a continental quilt or quilt. In Australia it is also referred to as a Doona. The term Comforter comes from the Americans. They are really the same thing but depending on your location or where you are from these words interchangeably.

Its originated in rural Europe where is filled with the downs of ducks. The best quality was eider duck due to its efficiencies as a thermal insulator.

The modern duvets are filled with a variety of quality fillings. These fillings very in quality and costs. It can reduce the complexity of making beds as there is no longer a need for a top sheet, blanket or any other bed covers. Duvets can be made warmer with blankets without necessarily making the sleepy experience heavier. The duvet covers can vary but are usually cotton poly cotton blends. The cover is easy to remove and laundry as often as bed sheets and pillowcases.

The duvet is an extremely common form of bed covering especially in Europe. Their popularity has spread throughout the world in the late 20th century.

Duvet Cover Sets & Doona Cover Sets

Here at My Heavenly Silks we have a large variety of Duvet Cover Sets and Doona Cover Sets. These come in a large variety of colours and designs to match your decor. These cover sets for either your Duvet or Doona of the highest quality and sizes.

See our range of Duvet Cover Sets and Doona Sets below
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