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Mulberry Silk Filled Duvet

At My Heavenly Silks all our Silk Filled Duvets come from 100% Mulberry Silk but what is Mulberry Silk?

What is Mulberry silk?

It’s the highest quality silk is available for purchase. The way in which it is produced is the most unique thing about Mulberry silk. It has its history in China, the local farmers have grown mulberry leaves for centuries. These leaves are what the silkworms feed on resulting in their cocoons being spun into raw silk fibres.

Because the silkworms only feed on these leaves, resulting silk is some of the finest around. White in colour and made up of individually long fibres, this silk is more refined than other types of silk.

Benefits of Mulberry Silk

Another benefit of Mulberry silk it is is that it is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. It contains natural protein called sercine which helps reduce the possibility of allergic reaction. This allows all the silk bedding to be a safe and healthy choice for those who suffer with allergies.

Our silk duvets are filled with 100% silk and we never feel our duvets with anything else but hundreds and Mulberry silk.

What is a Duvet?

It’s formed from the French word ‘dyve’ meaning down. It’s a type of bedding which consists of soft flat bags filled with either down, feathers, wool synthetic alternatives and silk. In our case these soft bags are filled with silk. It is normally protected removable cover similar to bed sheeting. Most people use duvets without a top bed sheet as a duvet cover is normally regularly washed.

In England it is commonly called a continental quilt or quilt. In Australia it is also referred to as a Doona. In America you may even be called a is com but r a comforter usually has a slightly different type of betting as it is not a stick and often doesn’t have a cover.

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