Are you are thinking of buying a Queen Quilt?

Are you are thinking of buying a Queen Quilt?

What do you know about bedding? If you do know something, you might know what a queen quilt is. A Quilt is used in the place of a thing like a bedspread or quilt. It is somewhat similar to a comforter. The cover however, can be removed and cleaned in this case. That is why some prefer a queen quilt over a comforter.

Confused about Queen Quilt Sizing?

Many people get confused about the size of a quilt. The sizes can vary and there are hardly any standard measurements. In addition, these come in a variety of colours. You should attempt to find a quilt of the size and colour that suits your bed. It could also greatly improve the appearance of your bed.

How big are Queen Size Quilts?

To make sure your comforter, quilts and duvet for correctly make sure it is 2.5cm to 5cm longer then the bedding sizes below.

Common Bedding Sizes

Twins: 99cm x 190cm
Twin XL: 99cm x 203cm
Full: 137cm x 190cm
Full XL: 137cm x 203cm
Queen: 152cm x 203cm
King: 193cm x 213cm

Please thicker mattress will need more then the 2.5cm to 5 stated above.

Queen Size Quilts

A queen quilt might not be cheap. A queen quilt is made to fit a queen size bed but some such quilts can be also used for a double bed. This would involve a lot of material and thus it is natural that such a product is priced fairly high. If you think that you cannot afford a new queen quilt, why not make one yourself? It is not very hard and might not take you more than a few hours.

You would not need anything expensive or out of the ordinary. If you have a sewing machine of your own, making a queen quilt would not be a tough task at all. You can easily find all the instructions that you need on the internet and if you have a few hours to spare you could give it a try. A queen quilt is very useful and as you can use it for a long time. All you have to do is just take off the cover and clean it.

Are you are thinking of buying a queen quilt? Choosing the correct one might be tricky. It is not just a matter of colours. For instance, if your mattress is thicker or if your bed is higher than usual your queen quilt could be different from others that are usually used on other queen size beds. If you want to get what suits you, you have to have a good idea of what you need.

It might cost you less when you make your purchase on the internet but first make sure that you have a good idea of what you are buying. If you can, visit a store and check the queen quilt that you intend to buy before making the purchase on the internet. Keep in mind to be careful when you are trying to get your quilt cover on. Putting the queen quilt cover might not be as easy as you imagine.

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