Doona Covers in Australia

Doona Covers in Australia

At the end of a busy day, there is nothing more inviting than a cosy bed adorned with crisp, clean beddings and feathery pillows. As all of you must surely have experienced, the entire world cease to exist once you hit the sack and start releasing all the tensed back muscles. In fact, for some of us caught in life’s rat race, the few hours (8 or more hours if you are lucky) we spend in bed is the only opportunity for relaxation. As a matter of fact, that is why doonas were invented.

First made in European countryside using duck feathers, it was during the 20th century that doonas became popular throughout the world. They freed people from the complexities of making the bed and provided insulation, that is, warmth and protection. Surprisingly, doonas were used even during the warm summers because they were irresistibly comfortable, with a great capacity for ventilation.

Even though they are sometimes understandably confused with blankets and quills, a real doona is supposed to be made of feathers and a cotton casing covers doonas. But today, they are also made entirely of silk, cotton or other synthetic material.

The tog rating, a term most of us are unfamiliar with, is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing beddings. The tog is the measurement of thermal resistance, that is, the ability of the material to hold heat. Thus, the higher the tog rating is, the warmer you will feel wrapped up in the doona. Manufactured with the right combination of the tog rate, a doona can be used with convenience all year long.

The type of case that covers doonas plays a major role in not just the comfort of the doona but also in its heat conductivity. Choosing the right material that covers doona, according to the requirements is essential to ensure optimum comfort.

A variety of casing which covers doonas which are made of synthetic cotton and are of attractive designs, with convenient back buttons for chaos free inserting/ removal of the doona can be purchased for as low as $75 to $100.

The designs of cases that covers doonas are of various attractive types. Whether it is a plain cover for a classy bedroom, or a floral print for your grandma’s bed, or even if it’s a Goth design for the teenage daughter, you are likely to find beautifully decorated cases that covers doonas.

The best convenience about using separate sheeting that covers doonas is the fact that they can be easily cleaned unlike the case of quills. They also assure perfect insulation during a chilly winter night, while assuring a sweat free slumber during a warm summer evening.

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