Try Something Different for Your Quilt Cover

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Try Something Different for Your Quilt Cover

Trying to find something a little different in a quilt cover? Is it because you’re tired of looking since everything you see looks the same and the only difference is the high prices you’re finding? Maybe you are really looking for something more elegant, something different. You’ve seen all the polyester you care to for a while and silk just doesn’t do it for you. Maybe the material you should explore for your quilt cover is one hundred percent Egyptian cotton.

Not only is this material attractive, and so luxurious it screams elegance, but it’s also highly durable and can be machine washed depending on the size of your quilt cover and the size of your washing machine. Even if it needs to be taken to the cleaners, it does not require expensive dry cleaning.

The kind of Egyptian cotton used to make a quilt cover has a thread count of T330. That makes it a very high quality material. Egyptian cotton never goes out of style. It has a timelessness about it that keeps it in the stores. You can buy matching sheets, pillowcases, shams, bed skirts and even throw pillows for your bed. Or you can mix and match.  Like any other material this one is available in many different colours and patterns.

If this is the material, you choose for your quilt cover you’ll also be pleased to know that Egyptian cotton breathes unlike many other materials. This means it will keep you warm without stifling you. It even has a nice feel to it.  So you will have elegance along with softness. They are also very affordable. Unlike silks and satins that tend to be more expensive buying a quilt cover in this highly versatile material will not cost you a week’s salary.

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