What Makes it a Luxury Duvet Cover?

What Makes it a Luxury Duvet Cover?

Duvets, more commonly used in Europe until the late twentieth century, come in many types and sizes.  When looking for something a little more special, a luxury duvet cover, there are a few things that make it a cut above the normal covers. One determining factor of a is how closely knit the threads are. This is shown by the thread count. A regular duvet will have a thread count of T150.  T180 is considered a better quality but T220 will be what is used to make a luxury duvet cover.

The next thing to look for in choosing your luxury duvet cover is how the design is put on the cloth. If it’s only printed on that is a sign of lesser quality. But, if instead the pattern is woven into the material, which is a much more labour-intensive process, the cover has a richer look. The pattern will last longer as well. This difference shows distinctly and makes the duvet cover much more luxurious in appearance.

Even the type of trim used is different in a luxury duvet cover then what is used in the regular ones. Trim is what finishes the edges.  The edges might be knife edged, a simple sewing process, or if is a luxury duvet cover, the edges are more likely corded. This is the most attractive, and expensive edging done. It is expensive because it too is a process that requires a lot of labour hours. It will appear like a cord has been sewn around the edges, as it has, and is an eye-catching method of finishing the edges.

Another thing that can turn a potentially ordinary duvet into a luxury duvet is what is gets stuffed with.  Many duvets these days are stuffed with hypoallergenic synthetic materials designed to be friendly to those who suffer from allergies or asthma and so make it possible for them to use duvets. But, luxury is served best by the ones that are down filled.  These are treated with a special agent to prevent the down from bunching and so no longer able to adequately warm the user.

Luxury is also a reflection of how something looks and feels to the user. Be sure you like the appearance, choose carefully the colours and pattern. Then cuddle into bed and enjoy the warmth of your luxury duvet cover.

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