What is a Duvet Cover Set?

What is a Duvet Cover Set?

A Duvet cover, as the name suggests, is a covering for duvets. This brings us to the question: what is a Duvet?

A duvet is a large flat pouch which is stuffed with wool, feathers, down or any other organic filling to function as a warm bed covering, similar to a quilt. Duvets are usually placed within duvet covers; the covers are removable and washable. Duvet covers are similar in function to pillowcases. This feature of a duvet cover is extremely useful since the stuffing within duvets will get spoiled when washed.

Duvet cover sets can be purchased online or at any outlet which sells bedding. A duvet cover set usually includes a duvet cover, a bed sheet and two pillow cases, all of which are of the same design or a pleasing combination. Depending on the size of your bed, the contents of a duvet cover set may vary. For instance, a single bed may only require a basic duvet cover set as mentioned above, while, a larger bed will require the duvet cover to be of equal size.

Being able to change duvet covers is an added advantage. You can also purchase reversible duvet cover sets too. This means that you need not opt for a complete redecoration of your room to change the feel of it. Even though cotton is widely used in the manufacture of duvet cover sets, silk blends, rayon, suede, and micro fibre are also used.

Depending on your need for bed room decoration you could go for one of the three main types of duvet cover sets available. They are embroidered, printed and solid. Embroidered cover sets have designs or patterns woven into the fabric material of the covers. On the other hand, printed cover sets have designs printed on the covers.

Finally, Solid cover sets are just plain fabric. Therefore, if you want a simple, yet elegant, look you could always go for a solid silk blended type of duvet cover. The choices are vast.

Based on the manufacturer, materials used and country of origin, a duvet cover set’s price may vary.

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